A while back my daughter Jasmin and I were playing around with the idea of doing a shoot using old style hats. We went out one Saturday afternoon to a local antique store and picked three hats at agreat price. We got all three for $50. The hats sat around the house for several months before we both had the time to do something with them. Jasmin was a little excited about the project, she was her own stylist. She applied her own make-up and also did her hair. No room in the buget for for hair and make-up artist (haha). The shoot itself went quite well; above are five images from the shoot. The post production work was done in Lightroom and Photoshop. I recently purchase some tutorials from Joel Grimes and decided to use some of his techniqes. We really had a great time with this project…looking forward to the next one. Hope you enjoy the images.


Sunset Portrait


Portrait I shot during the golden sunset hour two weeks ago. To enhance the golden tones of the early evening I use “Look Up Tables” in photoshop. I have to give credit to Glyn Dewis (a UK photographer, retoucher and trainer). I saw him using the LUTs in one ofe his tutorials.

Quick Portrait


This was a quick portrait I did of my daughter and her friend. I didn’t have much time to shoot it. We were getting ready to go out shopping and my daughter asked if I would take some quick pics of them. Fortunately I already had my lights setup up. It  was shot with a beauty dish slightly over my camera position. A reflector was used to minimize the shadows under chin. The background is a solid grey background…I added the texture later in Photoshop.